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Replace Existing Meters and Panels at Woodside, NY

Replace Existing Meters and Panels at Woodside, NY

A lady calls in the morning, sounded frustrated. She asked if we licensed electricians, and if we can help to clear a violation from DOB. An unlicensed electrician with fake letterhead charge her large amount to clear the violation, and not to be found. We tried to locate the company, we felt sorry for the customer but the name and the phone number wasn't register any were.

The first problem was that the meters were right above a sink and the grounding wasn't done by code. We present to the lady with the options to be able to pass an electrical inspection and we decide to relocate the service to a new location that was safe and to satisfaction to DOB .After we finish with the work we call for inspection and we pass the Job the first time.Miss Leonor was very happy and use our company for other work to her satisfactory.

We recommend always to hire Licensed Electricians and please check with Department of Building before the hiring, that extra step will save you a lot of hassle and money. This procedure is for Plumbers and other trades that you need to hire for your home repairs or improvements.

This company is my hero. They removed the violations committed by the previous electricians. Their work PASSED the inspection in one shot. They are knowleagable and trustworthy. They kept the area clean after they completed their work. If you are looking for a Master Electrician, this is the place. Thank you Peter.
Leonor L.

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