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Founded in 2011, Crossland Management & Electric has proven experience and a great reputation in East Meadow and the surrounding areas. When you work with our electrical service company, you’ll receive exceptional service and superb workmanship from a licensed electrician.

Our electrical service company offers a variety of customizable and detail-oriented services, including residential electrical inspections, lighting installations, electrical wiring, surge protection, and outlet repairs as well as commercial energy-saving lighting installations and intercom wiring.

Surge Protection Experts in East Meadow, NY

If you’re curious about surge protection options for your East Meadow home or business, reach out to Crossland Management & Electric to speak to an experienced electrician about surge protectors such as metal oxide varistors and gas discharge arrestors. Surge protection keeps power surges from affecting your electrical appliances and devices negatively and decreasing their performance and longevity.

When selecting surge protectors for your residential or commercial property, look for labels that claim a surge protector has a short response time, high energy absorption, low clamping voltage, and an indicator light.

Lighting Installations for East Meadow Homeowners

Regardless of the type of lighting that you want to install in your home, the qualified team at our electrical service company can tackle this project with skill and precision. If you’re considering a lighting installation for your East Meadow home, ask a trusted electrician from Crossland Management & Electric about types of lighting such as task lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, pendant lights, chandeliers, decorative lighting, and ambient lighting.

Although you might want to try installing light fixtures in your East Meadow home on your own, having a skilled professional on your side is advised. Because there is risk associated with altering electrical systems, homeowners are encouraged to seek assistance from electricians if they don’t have experience with electrical systems.

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If you are looking for a professional East Meadow electrician, call 516-375-2500 or complete our online service request form.

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